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Undergraduate focused

Yue Hou (Lily), an architecture and economics student at the University of Toronto, gives us the lowdown on being an international student in Canada’s biggest city.

Admission interview dos and don’ts

While interviews are not part of every university’s admissions process, many institutions will ask to meet you face-to-face before admitting you. 

To help you achieve this, we turned the tables on Mike Nicholson, director of undergraduate admissions at Oxford University, Dr Kim Zwitserloot, a lecturer and interviewer at University College Utrecht (a liberal arts college tied to Utrecht University), and Johns Hopkins’ team of student ‘Admissions Representatives’ (ARs) to see how they think you can make the most of an admissions interview…

Veterinary science

Veterinary science is the subject which deals with the health and wellbeing of animals. Like medicine, this encompasses everything from preventative care, to psychological analysis, to complex surgical procedures.

The first ever QS World University Ranking for Chemistry is topped by Harvard, whose dominance in this case is largely down to the prestige attached to it by employers, as well as its academic reputation

At the summit of the first ever World University Rankings for Mathematics Harvard continues its dominance of the natural sciences, coming up trumps by virtue of the high regard in which it is held by employers

Physics is one of the core scientific disciplines and over the course of history has been fundamental to our understanding of the universe: from Galileo to Isaac Newton to Einstein to Steven Hawkins

From Mexico City to Cancun, tacos to tortillas, Mexico – a country three times as large as Texas – has much to offer the undergraduate student studying abroad. A world of colour, history and fiestas, a climate of sun, snow and warmth, and a Spanish-infused blend of cultures will add to any international student’s experience.

As if they’re not already, all eyes will be on Brazil in the next decade. In 2014, Brazil will host the FIFA World Cup and in 2016 Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympic Games. But Brazil is more than just sports tournaments, partying and carnivals. It’s also one of the fastest emerging nations in the world and as such is offering many an opportunity to undergraduate students studying abroad

Why is it that a few universities are successfully attracting employers to hire their arts and humanities graduates while others lag behind?

Danny Byrne takes a closer look at the results of the first ever QS World University Ranking® for Chemical Engineering.

Danny Byrne takes a closer look at the results of the first ever QS World University Ranking® for Computer Science and Information Systems

Danny Byrne takes a closer look at the results of the first ever QS World University Ranking® for Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering

Study abroad in Germany will have plenty to offer, from exciting cities, culture and museums, to a variety of major festivals, music, film and beer.

QS Top Universities gets to grips with the questions: what is a gap year and what are the types of gap year one can take?

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